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 Software Demo at  Dadar-Mumbai

Sunday -04 August -2013
Time -02.00 PM To 5.00 PM

Sunday -18 August -2013
Time -10.30 AM To 1.30 PM





Software Demo at Thane

Sunday-10 Mar -2013
Time-3.30 PM To 06.00 PM

Saturday-16 Feb -2013
Time-3.30 PM To 06.00 PM 

Software Demo & Free Seminar Pune

Thu - 01 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 07 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 15 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 05 Sept - 5.30 PM To 9.30




Share Market Free Basic Course at Pune

Sunday-01 Sept-2013
Time - 9.30 AM To 5.30 PM

Share Market Basic Course & Software Demo At Dadar

Incoming Batch
Time- 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Intraday Option Trading Workshop At Mumbai

Sunday - 10 March - 2013
Time-09.30 To 5.30
Fees Rs.5000/-


Share Market Basic Course & Software Demo At Thane

Incomming Batch
Time -10.00 AM To 06.00 PM



Share Trading Tips & Trading Guidance on Yahoo Messenger

1) We provide advice mostly Nifty Future & Option Market - Call & Puts Tips.

2) Yahoo Mail ID is Must, Yahoo Messenger is must on your Computer.

3) No Telephonic support during market hours.

4) Useful If You available On the Trading Terminal.

5) Quick entry and exit, immediately action essential for better result.

6) Minimum Rs.25000/- Or sufficient margin for purchase two lot Call or Put of Nifty.

7) Our service is supporting advice.

8) Your Trading Knowledge & Understanding Of our Tips is must.

9) If You confirm & Confident our tips is right on your knowledge & judgment
    Then you take Trading Decision.

10) We follow Technical Analysis Tool, Oscillators & Software's, but some time
      Negative / unpleasant News, Incidence, Rumors, Gossip May goes against our
      judgment / Study, So don't Trade without stop loss.

11) We provide free trial tips for your study & Observation.

12) Our service is supportive or help for you trading, it is not a
       alternative of your Decision

13) Profit or Loss will be fully your responsibility.

14) Monthly Fees Rs-1500/-only. Or Rs.4000/- Quarterly.

15) Payment will be accepted after personal Meeting & filling of the
      understanding Form Only.

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