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 Software Demo at  Dadar-Mumbai

Sunday -04 August -2013
Time -02.00 PM To 5.00 PM

Sunday -18 August -2013
Time -10.30 AM To 1.30 PM





Software Demo at Thane

Sunday-10 Mar -2013
Time-3.30 PM To 06.00 PM

Saturday-16 Feb -2013
Time-3.30 PM To 06.00 PM 

Software Demo & Free Seminar Pune

Thu - 01 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 07 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 15 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 05 Sept - 5.30 PM To 9.30




Share Market Free Basic Course at Pune

Sunday-01 Sept-2013
Time - 9.30 AM To 5.30 PM

Share Market Basic Course & Software Demo At Dadar

Incoming Batch
Time- 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Intraday Option Trading Workshop At Mumbai

Sunday - 10 March - 2013
Time-09.30 To 5.30
Fees Rs.5000/-


Share Market Basic Course & Software Demo At Thane

Incomming Batch
Time -10.00 AM To 06.00 PM

Share Market Jan - Jagruti Abhiyan
  We Create Awareness About Share Market.
"How to Use Share Market Tool For Wealth Creation"
  Provide Software’s for Intraday & Positional Trading
Earn Money by using Our Techniques for Cash, Future Option Trading

Most of the people have various misunderstand and misconception about Share Market. People think that Share Market is nothing but a gamble and a game based on speculation, these wrong impressions are mostly created because of lack of knowledge, rumors, and passed on information. In reality it is a science, regulated by fundamental and technical parameters.

 As per my opinion, it is a wealth creation tool available to all of us. It is a common platform available to us for creating money for businesses and for our own use. Owing to rising inflation, the power of money is going down day by day. A time will come when each one of us will start investing in share market, to earn good money, to tide over the rising costs.

 Investment in share market can be for short, medium or long term, depending on everyone’s requirement. With the required skills, trading can be a good source of income.

 I have always compared trading / investing in share market with driving in heavy traffic. Unless your learn driving (acquire knowledge of trading) and get the license (skills) you can drive safely through heavy traffic.   You have to learn driving and get the license before you start driving safely, and confidently to avoid accidents.  Similarly before you start investing and trading in the stock market, you must acquire the required skills to earn money successfully to avoid or minimize the losses.  While driving on the road we react immediately to the incidents happening, stop or turn the vehicle. Just like that we have to react instantly to ever changing market conditions. And this can be done only with training, guidance and skills from experts,


Remember one thing; you cannot drive, while holding a book in your hands, reading how to drive. But you have to get training, skill to drive safely. Similarly unless you acquire the required knowledge and skills you cannot invest / trade successfully and react to market naturally and instantly and take decisions depending upon market conditions.

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