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Workshop-Fees Rs.4000/-

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 Software Demo at  Dadar-Mumbai

Sunday -04 August -2013
Time -02.00 PM To 5.00 PM

Sunday -18 August -2013
Time -10.30 AM To 1.30 PM





Software Demo at Thane

Sunday-10 Mar -2013
Time-3.30 PM To 06.00 PM

Saturday-16 Feb -2013
Time-3.30 PM To 06.00 PM 

Software Demo & Free Seminar Pune

Thu - 01 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 07 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 15 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 05 Sept - 5.30 PM To 9.30




Share Market Free Basic Course at Pune

Sunday-01 Sept-2013
Time - 9.30 AM To 5.30 PM

Share Market Basic Course & Software Demo At Dadar

Incoming Batch
Time- 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Intraday Option Trading Workshop At Mumbai

Sunday - 10 March - 2013
Time-09.30 To 5.30
Fees Rs.5000/-


Share Market Basic Course & Software Demo At Thane

Incomming Batch
Time -10.00 AM To 06.00 PM

Investment Consultancy

Investment Consultancy 

We provide consultantion as per clients requirement.Each and every case is specific and typical requirement. We understand the clients needs and capacity of investment and risk taking capacity. The advise is offered case to case basis for Shares Portfolio, Mutual Funds, SIP, LIC and other options. Fees are also differ case to case basis.

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