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 Software Demo at  Dadar-Mumbai

Sunday -04 August -2013
Time -02.00 PM To 5.00 PM

Sunday -18 August -2013
Time -10.30 AM To 1.30 PM





Software Demo at Thane

Sunday-10 Mar -2013
Time-3.30 PM To 06.00 PM

Saturday-16 Feb -2013
Time-3.30 PM To 06.00 PM 

Software Demo & Free Seminar Pune

Thu - 01 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 07 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 15 August - 5.30 PM To 9.30
Thu - 05 Sept - 5.30 PM To 9.30




Share Market Free Basic Course at Pune

Sunday-01 Sept-2013
Time - 9.30 AM To 5.30 PM

Share Market Basic Course & Software Demo At Dadar

Incoming Batch
Time- 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Intraday Option Trading Workshop At Mumbai

Sunday - 10 March - 2013
Time-09.30 To 5.30
Fees Rs.5000/-


Share Market Basic Course & Software Demo At Thane

Incomming Batch
Time -10.00 AM To 06.00 PM

Our Strength

Our strength is my own long standing experience of the share market, my background of work in self business, and study in Finance and Banking.

Initially, while trading in the share market, I incurred losses. I tried to find out the reasons for such losses and I realised that market was never wrong. People was goining  wrong. I took wrong decisions which was due to lack of proper knowledge and training.

Because of my liking for complicated economics subjects and analytical mind, I learnt Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Because of my experience I decided to find out a strategy which will help common man to get good profit from investing and trading in the share market. Because I knew, this was the place where everybody can earn money with the required skills.

My interest in this field increased day by day. I read lot of books on Fundamental and Technical Analysis, attended lot of seminars, spoke to investors, traders, who were already working in the share market successfully. I gathered information from all the possible sources, like a bee gathering honey from flowers. And this process is still on, as knowledge is unlimited and it never ends.

With my own hard work, patience and expertise, I developed my own strategies, formulaes and software for share trading, which will benefit the common man, traders, investers, brokers and everybody who is interested in working in the share market.

I conduct workshops and seminars to train people for trading in share market, offer a software to enable them to take right decisions in Intraday, delivary Trading, Investment and manage portfolio to earn good money to minimise the risk of incurring heavy losses.

Using my software will give you a ready made solution to safe trading Such as a ready food in hotel, without involving in cooking.  and it a tool to earn money consistently in the share market.

 Trust me; Share Market has a very large scope and huge potential to earn money. Only Require Skill to Catch it.

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